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#CHSFW Charleston Fashion Week 2016

Spring is finally here and it was glamorously announced not just by the birds’ fairytale chirping and blooming trees, but also by the happy vibes of the Fashion Weeks all over the world: New York, Milan, London, Paris, Tokyo, and Charleston, to name just a few.

As an emerging fashion and lifestyle blogger, I chose to start this fashion journey with the closest place, which happened to be the fascinating Charleston, a gorgeous city in South Carolina, founded in 1670 and defined by cobblestone streets, an incredibly rich history, a timeless, mesmerizing, and imposing architecture, huge oak trees that dearly hug the small and intimate streets, the horse-drawn carriages that instantly take you, the visitor, into the realm of the Pre-Civil War era, faraway from the modern, structured, technology engulfed, fast-paced life. I am totally in love with this vibrant city because of its eclectic style and its phenomenal talent of harmoniously combining the spirit of Europe with the American one. If you are from Europe, in Charleston you will feel at home. If you are from USA, this city will hypnotize you and allure you in its timeless charm instigating the will to learn as much as possible about the American history and the sublime culture.

Last but not least, Charleston would have been totally incomplete without the presence of Fashion Week which takes place every year in March in the beautiful Marion Square. This city just screams “Fashion” or better said “style” through its painture-like streets and locally-owned fashionable boutiques, as well as a myriad of the classic luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Tommy Bahama, dominating the grandly designed space between Kings Street and Meeting Street.

This year, 2016, Charleston Fashion Week celebrated its 10 year anniversary. Since its founding in 2007, Baker Motor Company Charleston Fashion Week® has showcased emerging designers and models across the East Coast of USA, launching important careers of models and designers. The event is held 5 days featuring more than 40 runway shows, Bridal shows, Emerging Designer Competitions, Models Competitions, exquisite clothing experience, a Belk tent, a Style Lounge, and a Bloggers’ Clubhouse with short interviews in the spirit of The Today Show. (More on the Emerging Designer Competition and the Style Lounge in the next posts. )

The pictures below showcase my first look wondering on the breathtaking streets of Charleston enjoying the beginning of a very flowery spring, adopting an entirely floral look.



Charleston Fashion Week2016
















Wearing: Blouse & Skirt by Zara, Black Sandals by Jessica Simpson/Dillards, 3D Floral Purse by Asos, Bangles and Watch by David Yurman/Reeds, Sunglasses by Nanette/TJMax