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I have been an online shopper for the past 5 years. Most of my outfits are bought online, shoes included. Actually, I don’t even remember when I bought anything at an actual brick and mortar store. Sometimes, when I travel, I like to stop here and there and check out the trends and new styles in different cities, but I do that rarely. Usually, when I travel, I do it to relax, to learn something new, and ultimately to enjoy myself and if it happens to see something I really like, I’d buy it, but it has to be love at first sight. No complicated thinking process involved.


Buying online in US is pretty easy and I love the process. I can relax in my bed, sipping from my tea, and browsing through my favourite online shops. Everything is delivered to my door. I open the box, assess the quality of the merchandise, try it and whatever I don’t like, I return it. Simple. Easy. Beautiful. stella_sabina_channa_rachel_roy_business_chic_new_york_2.jpg

Still, I had never had a better online shopping experience than with Rachel Roy. It is a fairly recent discovery and I am so glad that my path took me to get connected to this amazing lady. I always encounter people that inspire me in many ways and she is one of them. I met Rachel at the FashionistaCon in New York City earlier in November, 2016. Her demeanour and elegance in speaking and caring herself immediately attracted my attention and impressed me to the point that I wanted to know everything about her. Soon, I ordered her book “Design Your Life. Creating success through personal style.”


I love reading books about people I admire. They make me feel closer to them by allowing me to get a glimpse into their thinking process, their inner life, and how they built their way up to the ladder of success. I like to feel them this way and get a better understanding. After reading Rachel’s book (just in one night) I understood that I have so many things in common with her regarding life legacy, philanthropic propensities, stylistic preferences, and last but not least, a very dreamy nature.

It’s very interesting how we are attracted to people and things that we feel an inner connection with.

stella_sabina_channa_rachel_roy_business_chic_new_york_newspaper.jpgI got interested in her fashion collections and I started browsing her designs and found out that I really loved them. I loved the lines, the structural fitting that instantly speak of timelessness with a modern classic twist. I didn’t doubt the quality of the material, as judging by the book, Rachel would never disappoint in this field.

My happiness and my curiosity were undeniable when I received the beautiful package from Everything was so personalized with Rachel’s touch on every single piece of paper. I was in awe.

Starting with the cardboard box and finishing with the signature styles, Rachel Roy is an experience!It’s affordable luxury with an unforgettable touch.

The quality, the styles, the cut, the fabrics of the cloths are absolutely exquisite. At some point I was feeling like I bought Chanel pieces at a bargain price.

This post has not been sponsored by Rachel Roy. I am writing it just because I found a new source of inspiration in her personality, experience, and story. Furthermore, her collections are incredibly beautiful, designed for all women. The personal touch though, is what makes her company really stand out from the crowd and will gladly buy again her classic pieces.