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Hello Beauties,

This November comes with some major events in the fashion industry that will mark its history: the Balmain collaboration with H&M. Much has been talked about this awesome collection that will be featured on the H&M store shelves probably for a very limited time. Balmain is a haute couture fashion house that was founded by Pierre Balmain in Paris, France, in 1946.

The stellar collaboration with H&M has been created and developed by Olivier Rousteing, a young fellow and a visionary fashion leader, that started his career under Roberto Cavalli’s guidance and charm.

I have heard many actually criticizing the collaboration of such a high end company like Balmain with H&M. While the Balmain Collections are totally inaccessible price wise to the H&M customers, they did a great job at creating some high quality and very futuristic pieces that would be sold at a somehow reasonable price. The Collection especially drew my attention because of the modern Baroque details and elements featured on the pieces that will go from $29.99 to $599. The embroidered pearls, the sophistication of the dresses and blazers, remind me of the 15-16th century feminine style, which has been so well translated into the modern fashion.

At first, the collaboration threw me off a bit, but after reading the Vogue interview with Olivier himself, all my questions have been answered. I must admit that I like and totally understand his approach and I think that this collaboration indeed made him a real star amongst real people. His intention is to bring Balmain name to a bigger crowd, to make it accessible to the world and not only to a very selected niche.

“Personally, it’s an amazing challenge as a designer to make a collection for the street market and for the entire world. When you work for a superluxury brand, you don’t have so many stores, your vision isn’t the entire world. With H&M, you know you’re part of the world, you touch all the continents. I’ve always been loud about being about diversity and the world. So it’s perfect.” (Olivier Rousteing)

Personally, I am in love with some of the pieces (especially for their modern Baroque details) that will be out and available to the world tomorrow November the 5th, 2015 at 8AM EST. Unfortunately, not all the H&M stores will be honored to be “Balmainated” but hopefully, I will be able to get what I want online. Find some useful tips and tricks how to shop this amazing collection online here.

Listing my favorite pieces here. Hope to get my hands on some of them. Which one are your Balmain favorites?




Top with braided embroidery. Photo H&M


Beaded Velvet Blouse. Photo H&M



Jacquard-weave silk blouse. Photo H&M


Beaded Velvet Dress. Photo H&M


Sandal Boots. Photo H&M


Silk Satin Suit Pants. Photo H&M


With Love,