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Simply Stylist

It has been a little more than one year since I publicly launched my blog and I couldn’t been happier and… busier. It’s a journey that took me to so many places and opened so many amazing horizons. Before launching, I told myself: “I am allowing you to have this for one year, after which you would have to do the math and then decide if it is worth continuing. Let’s see what changes will occur in your life in this one year span.” It was scary at the beginning, but I kept believing, and now, after one year I can look back and say confidently: “Yes, it is worth it and now I am even more motivated to continue!” Briefly, in one year Gold Rhapsody managed to appear in 3 main publications: two editorials, one magazine cover, one newspaper, featured on Charleston Fashion Week 2016, featured on several websites, one official interview with Charleston Blog Society, an amazing collaboration with Coral Studio, and last but not least launched my own fine jewelry store, Ocean Jewels. I really wanted to celebrate Gold Rhapsody in a special way, and what can be better than meeting great people in the fashion and beauty industry who actually made it?

This weekend I had the pleasure to attend two super amazing fashion events: Simply Stylist and FashionistaCon. Formerly, I registered just for the FashionistaCon organized by Fashionista, only to find out a little bit later that Simply Stylist Event will be held just the next day in the same city, New York. My excitement was unparalleled and now, I am sitting at my office desk recollecting the beautiful moments from both conferences that I couldn’t wait to share with you.dsc_0735

FashionistaCon was held on November the 4th, 2016 at the Metropolitan Pavilion in NYC. I was beyond thrilled to meet and to listen to some of the best people that proved that success can be attained in the industry with hard work and perseverance like Christian Siriano, Linda Rodin, Patricia Field, Rachel Roy, Molly Howard, Todd Snyder, Krista Neuhaus, Jennifer Powell, Reesa Lake, Cathy Horyn, and many more.  dsc_0765

Some of the well-known bloggers like Danielle Bernstein from We Wore What were also present and shared their stories. The event was well organized and the speakers were more than willing to interact with all those present and to provide as much information as they could. Unfortunately, I felt there wasn’t enough time to really explore different facets of the industry and to actually get into a deeper discussion with more tips and tricks.  Linda Rodin, the founder of Rodin Olio Lusso had an incredible demeanor that was pretty mesmerizing. I loved her story and the way she carried herself, with so much grace and wisdom. You can read more about her here.

Learning from other peoples’ stories is a great way to assimilate the information and to relate in a way or another to the person or his/her story. I always trusted this method of gathering valuable information.

Fashionista team did a great job at bringing some of the most illustrative people in the industry who represented more than inspiration.

I left the conference with so much energy and faith that there is a place for everybody in this world. There is one condition though:

Work, work, work and never give up on your plan.

I was truly excited when I heard that the Simply Stylist would hold their event on the same weekend. Thus, the next day after the amazing FashionistaCon, on a bright and chilly morning in NYC, last Saturday, I was trying to find my way to Yotel, a very modern, quite futuristic hotel on the 10 Avenue and 42 street. Simply Stylist The Simply Stylist Event was a real celebration of fashion, a party for all the fashionistas in USA! The Simply Stylist was truly planned with a lot of glamour and a day of pampering, networking, education, fun, laughter, and looooots of beautiful pictures. The organizer, Sarah Boyd has true taste and real talent at understanding what the girls want. From the very morning, 10 AM until 6 PM, the event was a hit and honestly, I didn’t want it to finish. I was so eager to absorb every bit of information and to meet every single person present there, but again, the time was not on my side. It was just so much to get in so little time, so you have to kind of be quick and pretty focused. One more day I was witnessing some of the greatest stories to date in the fashion industry in US. It was lovely to listen how Lauren Bushnell, Annabella Daily, Holly Nichols, Jacey Duprie, Kat Tanita, Liliana Vasquez, Claire Sulmers, Gwendolyn Floyd, Vanessa Simmons found their call and worked their way up on the ladder. The event was overall super inspiring and I particularly loved the people that attended: incredibly beautiful and talented ladies whom I hope to meet again.

There are so many things to talk about regarding both events and I will continue some of my thoughts in the next posts.

All in all, the celebration of the 1 year anniversary for Gold Rhapsody was so far super resourceful and meaningful. I only hope that this is just the beginning and that there are greater things waiting there. I just have to discover them.

Just Believe in yourself! Happy Birthday to Gold Rhapsody!



Happy Bday Gold Rhapsody!