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You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough!

Cheers from me and my new friend, Azteca!

Ok, so this was probably one of the most incredible and rewarding experience of my life. I love dolphins (who doesn’t?) and I had a couple of opportunities to watch them from faraway. But being this close to one? I mean kissing a dolphin? I never thought it possible. But again, as Audrey Hepburn once said: “Nothing is impossible. The universe itself says “I’m possible” , my short encounter with this creature made my vacation in Cancun super exciting and unforgettable. Azteca was very loveable and extremely affectionate. The feeling of being so close to one of the most “humane” species on earth is nothing that words can describe and I am not exaggerating. I guess it shows us how inseparable we are from the nature and its inhabitants. The joy of hugging a dolphin is just so different in its essence, so fulfilling, and so rare. The water was unbearably cold. I hate cold. Cold weather, cold water, cold tea (ice tea), cold hands, cold feet, cold nose, cold people, everything that is cold. I just cannot do it. I had to make a very big compromise with myself. While it seemed to me pretty gratifying to watch Azteca and her son from the deck how they were chasing each other, the thought of coming so far and refusing to go in the water because of cold, was not making sense especially to those other tourists (our group) who were facing the same torture. Talking about group pressure or peer pressure or however you want to name it. So, I gave in. The water was Painfully Cold! I thought my brain is just gonna shut down. And here it comes Azteca full of joy and happiness. Really, you could read it in her eyes. Her eyes were expressing love and gratitude. It was unbelievable! She started to salute us and show us all the jumps and spins  she knew just to entertain so that we sang “Macarena” for her even louder. Oh and she loved clapping of the hands. It made her feel special. I guess she felt like a celebrity as all the attention was directed to her and her baby. Being fascinated by Azteca’s charm, I totally forgot about the cold water and out of a sudden the water wasn’t glacially cold anymore. Isn’t it amazing how positive emotions thrill us and warm us up? It looks like physically that water was still very cold, but the awe and happiness generated by the wonderful creature were so much higher, so much more intense, that my brain switched to a completely different mode.

The dolphin experience is still vivid in my mind and I would return anytime to live those emotions again. Oh and the cold water doesn’t scare me anymore!