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How many of you can afford a bed day nowadays? For me it’s a real, pretty rare luxury. I remember when I was a child and looking forward to the weekends. I used to love my weekends because my mom would stay home and nothing could be compared to the feeling of self-indulgence and pure joy when a lingering smell of freshly baked pastries would wake up me and my brother in the morning. My mother would come and kiss our foreheads and whisper that our tea and “something very delicious” was waiting for us in the kitchen. We would leave behind our beds and slowly following the French aroma. I still remember the smell of my mother’s linens. It was a fresh, lily smell that always made my dreams serene at night.

Many times, I remember those days and I miss them. I miss that feeling of “il dolce far niente”. Nowadays, it’s just so hard to have these moments, even during the weekend. I find myself working all the time on something, hoping that one day I will have my much desired “bed day”. And it goes on and on until these “bed days” are forcefully sent in by a Greater Power, ultimately against our will.beautyplus_20161009181709_save

Hurricane Matthew, October the 8th, 2016. I can feel its rage while I am writing these lines. It just doesn’t stop. The winds are devastating and frightening. They left behind a pile of damage already and continues to do more. I have the feeling it will blow my windows and crawl into the house. It is pretty mad out there. Hurricane Matthew kept us indoors for quite some time. It’s my 3rd day. While being under a continuous threat and psychological distress, I finally managed to have that much desired “bed day” – a day spent with no agenda. Pretty relaxing: mentally and physically.

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”

/Audre Lorde/

A bed day is a day of self-recovery and love. Here are some tips to make it truly SPA-like:

  1. Take a hot, luxurious bath.
  2. Make yourself some herbal tea or green tea. Today I had my green tea with jasmine just because it is super invigorating and healthy.
  3. Spray your linens with your favourite scent. Mine is lavender.
  4. Lit some Yankee candles.
  5. Get a great book or two.
  6. If you decide to spend the whole day in bed, get some beautiful illustrated magazines.
  7. A favourite snack. Mine are the macadamia amaretto cookies.
  8. Pijamas are my favourites from the whole ritual. Get the warmest and coziest ones.
  9. A bunch of pillows. You will want to change your position multiple times.
  10. A furry friend. My Meiko is my best therapist.
  11. A closed door.

As for food, during my “bed days”, I eat pasta. All kinds of pasta, depending on what I find in the kitchen. Pasta calms my senses down, it’s delicious and it doesn’t cause digestive problems like other foods may do. I can eat pasta anytime, any day, 3 times a day.

After 4 days of “bed day”, I am seriously ready to go to work. I feel relaxed and energized. As for Mr. Matthew, I hope to never see him or his siblings again.