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Ciao Bellas,

I started blogging one year ago, but officially launched my blog at the beginning of September 2015. Frankly, I was pretty scared to come out from my comfort zone and  share with the world my fashion passion and in general, to put myself out there in the front of a public jury. It took me about a year to brace myself and share my blog on Facebook.

For the past three months I have been blogging religiously twice a week and trying to learn as much as I can about this controversial hobby. it a hobby? For some people it may be just a hobby, but some got rich from this and became celebrities, some still dream about leaving their 9 to 5 jobs and become full-time bloggers. Of course, the fashion blogging, while may have attained some incredible dimensions, its glory  have somehow vanished away. It’s not as easy to get noticed or to get an offer from your favorite brand. The most important things are though:

  • to clarify in your head why and what are you doing this for (make sure you have an intrinsic motivation!)
  • be consistent
  • be realistic

Here is what I learned in these three months of fashion blogging:

  1. If you are like me, this blogging activity will make you wonder a million times: “What’s the point?” To me, the point is to leave something behind me. My thoughts, my pictures, the moments I cherished and valued may become an inspiration for someone else. And this matters. Even if there is only one person.
  2. Fashion Blogging is not easy. If done right, it may be overwhelming, time and financially consuming.
  3. Fashion Blogging requires tones and tones of patience and lots of passion! It doesn’t happen overnight. It requires self-discipline and determination.
  4. Expect to meet and connect with some wonderful people that will make you smile often.
  5. Most of the fashion bloggers I connected with aren’t self-obsessed narcissists (contrary to a mass belief), but creative women, and mothers with full-time jobs, and business-owners, that love to dress up and share their styling ideas, and not only. Most of the fashion blogs talk about other beautiful things like: travel, lifestyle, skincare, etc.
  6. Expect to be asked constantly to like different social media pages. While these “favors” could be perceived as superficial, modern “quest for the likes” obsession, I do take them as invitations to new perspectives and interesting information. Therefore, I try to honor all these requests and see what I can find useful. Also, if one “like” or “follow” will make another fellow blogger happy, then I will be more than glad to help. It doesn’t cost me anything!
  7. Don’t expect to be showered with much attention from your friends. People have their own lives and interests so don’t be surprised when they don’t “like” your Facebook blog page or don’t follow you on other social media channels. But hey, that’s why you have to make sure you do #8
  8. Join a fashion bloggers society. The Independent Fashion Bloggers is a wonderful place to start learning and connecting with some like-minded people that will understand your struggles and give you the opportunity to feel “at home”.
  9. One may experience an identity crisis, while blogging about fashion. But, no worries, because persistency is the answer to this problem. Actually, I believe that being consistent and persistent is the key to anything in life, to any sort of success.

In the end, fashion blogging is not for everyone. Will I continue doing it? I believe so, otherwise I will contradict myself. It’s my way of living my dream, that of always wanting to be a high fashion model or an actress. I didn’t manage to get there, but I managed to create my own runaway, my blog. And I am staying here.

What are your thoughts about fashion blogging? How did you manage to overcome the first months’ insecurities, problems, dilemmas ? Would love to hear some insights.