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About Sabina


My name is Stella Sabina Channa. On my blog, I am just Sabina. I am a nature enthusiast, a beauty aficionado, a fitness lover. I am a seeker, and a dreamer with a background in Psychology and Finance.

My professional trajectory is pretty diverse starting from being a teacher to a banker, and now enjoying the challenges of entrepreneurship. I am the founder of Meikoko, a beauty portal, dedicated to bring the latest innovations in Korean skin care. After creating this beauty venue, I decided to follow my dreams and give some substance to my fashion passion and share it with the world. Thus, The GoldRhapsody was born, a blog about fashion, travel, skin care, and lifestyle. For me, fashion has been always a way of expressing myself and of portraying my state of mind. Now, I look at it a bit differently. I try to manipulate and ultimately create/define my own feelings, emotions, attitudes through my wardrobe and accessories and sending positive vibes around me. And you know what? It works!

I am also a proud graduate of Zoom Academie (2012), a Montreal based fashion and media school, proof that my fashion frenzy started long before my fashion blog. I value each of my interactions with beautiful people, as I will always find an opportunity to learn at least one thing!

Thank you for stopping by!

Sabina’s Achievements, Education, and Work in Mass Media