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Every morning we wake up is a blessing. Every morning should be embraced with enthusiasm, motivation, and lots of optimism, because every new day is a new opportunity. A new chance to do something, to improve your life, or to help someone. When I was little I was always told that whoever wakes up earlier in the morning, gets more of this life and is one step ahead of those that take their time to sleep in and miss the beauty of the beginning of a new day, a new journey. I must admit that I struggled for years to become a morning person. I still do. There are so many mornings when I would give my all, just to sleep in, just to have a few more minutes to enjoy my dreams or just the warmth of my sheets. But I am extremely thankful when I find the strength to get up and start doing something! In the morning. It’s just so rewarding on the long run and you get to do just about everything you have on your mind. So here are a few tips on what to do before 10 am in order to have a beautiful and motivated day. I tried them all and they work pretty fine for me.


1. Wake up early! I would say 7 am is the best time to jump off your bed. How to manage doing it? Put your phone or your alarm faraway from you. Also, make sure you choose a pretty disturbing sound. Not to make you mad, of course, because that will definitely ruin your day, but an annoying enough sound that will make you want to turn it off. Once you did that, proceed to the next step.



2. Refresh Yourself! Get in your bathroom and wash your face and brush your teeth. That will surely wake you up and reinvigorate you. Follow your morning skin care routine. That will make you feel and look pretty.


3. Open your windows! The morning air is super fresh and loaded with oxygen that will fulfill your rooms and will penetrate your nostrils. The fresh morning air always gives me plenty of energy. This doesn’t really apply for those living in the Southern parts of the country (USA) as the summer months are extremely humid and you don’t want that humidity in your home. But, there are days when the humidity gets very low and you can actually open your windows and enjoy some fresh air.


4. Stretch! Exercise! Do a 10 minute body stretch. You will feel fabulous, after getting those muscles move a bit and oxygenate them. PSX_20150720_142920

5. Make yourself a nice cup of coffee or an energizing hot tea. I prefer different kinds of tea, as they are healthier and loaded with anti-oxidants. My favourites are the hibiscus tea, the green tea, and the earl grey tea. Make sure you drink your tea or coffee from a beautiful cup. Add style to your routine and make it look like it’s a holiday. You will feel a great difference in your overall attitude and sense of well-being.


6. Listen to some music! You know what beats make you feel alive! Listen, sing! Admire the sunrise and dream!


7. Read an informative article or something that inspires you. In the morning, when the brain is rested, it assimilates and stores the information much faster and better than during the rest of the day. Take advantage of this capacity  and enjoy it. Get some food for thought! Usually I would read a meaningful quote or an interesting article about the latest discoveries, for example, in skin care. Make sure whatever you read is pretty positive. You need to feed your system with information that would lift you up! I also love watching an episode with Gary Vaynerchuk. He is just awesome and he has been a great inspiration and motivator for me.

8. Ride your bicycle for 10-15 minutes. It is a great morning workout! It doesn’t matter how I feel, but especially when I feel under the blues, I go towards my bicycle like hypnotized. I just know that the moment I start riding it, my whole brain chemistry just changes. Also, I never listen to any music while I am on my bicycle. This is because I love hearing the nature, I enjoy hearing the birds in the morning. They just express so well the love for life! Try it and you will be just thrilled by how much energy will flood your body after just 10 minutes!


9. Smile and be radiant! Be kind to your family and don’t be afraid to give them a very warm hug. They will think you must have had a very beautiful dream. Good attitude, smile, and positivity are contagious! Spread them as much as you can!


10. Dress up! Put a nice shirt/dress on you. Put some thought in what you are going to wear. Don’t just throw something on you.

These are some of the things that I am trying to do every morning I wake up. Of course, I am not perfect and not every morning is a set of all these steps, but I am trying to do my best. Setting up your day will help you accomplish a lot of things so that in the evening you could be thankful and proud of yourself.

Which are your daily routines?