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Aux Champs-ÉlyséesFeatured

Fashion, Fashion Events

Here I am in Paris again. Virtually. Theoretically. The fashion week just started and it’s going to be awesome as always. Red is trending this fall and I foresaw this a couple of months ago. Just kidding. It’s just a…

Gold Rhapsody happy at Ocean Jewels, a jewelry store.

What If Your Job Had No MeaningFeatured

Fashion, Inspire

It’s Monday. Another beautiful day to be blessed to open my eyes in the morning, make my delicious coffee, dress up and head to work. I get to work and after I arrange my work place, I open my Facebook…

Gold Rhapsody Sabina Channa wearing an oversized Zara black jacket and palazzo pants.

Into The BlackFeatured


This summer is like no other. No beach and sandy hair for me. Even if the ocean is just five minutes away, I still could not find even one day to go, relax, and enjoy the waves. Thus, I found…

gold rhapsody in a field of wheat. happiness. gratitude. fashion.


Editor's Picks, Fashion, Inspire

Day by day we are trying to catch up with the modern pace of life. “Every day I am hustling” seems to clutter everybody’s mind and we are all in competition, in competition with each other, in competition with ourselves….

If La Panthère Was A WomanFeatured

Fashion, Lifestyle

Every time I go on a new and longer trip, I surely buy a new fragrance. It’s just my way of making sure that I can feel later the same emotions associated with the specific vacation no matter when, be…

Mohave DesertFeatured


It’s a beautiful Friday morning away from home. The Sun is kindly caressing my cheeks through the huge ceiling-to-floor windows that I left uncovered from the last night. I don’t like to cover the windows at night. It creates a…

Kindness Is fASHIONABLEFeatured

Fashion, Inspire

“Kindness is fashionable”, says Rachel Roy and I am fully subscribing to the same affirmation. The more technologically developed we become, the more we forget about the true values that characterize our  existence. The more people I met, the more…

Rachel Roy For Business ChicFeatured


I have been an online shopper for the past 5 years. Most of my outfits are bought online, shoes included. Actually, I don’t even remember when I bought anything at an actual brick and mortar store. Sometimes, when I travel,…

Creative JewelryFeatured


The world of jewelry is pretty mesmerizing and it conquered the human beings since the ancient civilizations. History teaches us that even before recording their own history humans were adorning themselves with jewelry. When archeologists excavate humanity’s earliest settlements, it’s…

Rodin Olio Lusso – An Oasis Of LuxuryFeatured


It’s been a long time since I last wrote about skincare. It’s as important to me as it was in the first day I started writing about skincare regimens and Korean beauty products. I haven’t written too much about it…

NYC GetawayFeatured

Fashion, Travel

Gosh, I cannot believe the fall is over and the winter is almost here. Since I started blogging it looks like time flies by with the speed of light. I am not done with the fall! Not yet. But, I…

15 Ways To Spoil OurselvesFeatured


I am going to make everything around me beautiful – that will be my life. /Elsie de Wolf/ The way we choose to live our everyday life is really up to us. The moment when we put our happiness and…

A Bed DayFeatured


How many of you can afford a bed day nowadays? For me it’s a real, pretty rare luxury. I remember when I was a child and looking forward to the weekends. I used to love my weekends because my mom…

Living with intentionFeatured

Fashion, Inspire

The business of modernity has swiftly transformed us into some sorts of robots that are taken away by the wave of the multitude of daily tasks. Never in the history of humanity, have we been bombarded by the same uplifting…

Miami – A Quick HelloFeatured

Miami, Travel

Hello World, I am one of those persons that are constantly looking for a getaway. I read somewhere that this particular feature denotes a problem. An interior problem. They say that when someone is permanently seeking for a new place…

Stylish IntrospectionsFeatured


Ciao Bellas, How is your summer going? Hope everyone is having a wonderful time! About my summer, I can say that I definitely didn’t expect much of the events developing the way they do. Totally unplanned and unexpected, but definitely…

Modern Day TribalFeatured


Along with the floral prints this spring has brought some novelty in the fashion world around the globe – the tribal spirit. Expressed through beautiful embroideries, feathers, fringes, colorful prints, this style has been embraced by the majority of the…


Milbon. If Everything Fails, Make The Hair Bigger


I haven’t reviewed a beauty product for a pretty long time. Again, I will blame it on my extremely hectic schedule, but that doesn’t mean I don’t use a tone of products. Not for my hair though. Actually this is…

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They Say I Love Myself Too Much. So What ?

When someone judges you, it isn’t actually about you. It’s about them and their own insecurities, limitations, and needs. Not long ago, someone I know, decided I wasn’t worth anything. She really wanted me to acknowledge that, and tried to...


Day by day we are trying to catch up with the modern pace of life. “Every day I am hustling” seems to clutter everybody’s mind and we are all in competition, in competition with each other, in competition with ourselves....